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Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini

Terminu kolekcijā apkopoti Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini.

Grupa: Valsts valodas centrs

Nozare: Ekonomika. Finanses

zero coupon bond

Konteksts: [..] The treatment of interest in the case of deep discounted bonds and zero coupon bonds [..]
Avots: Commission Decision of 24 July 1998 concerning certain specific transactions identified within the work on the protocol of the Excessive Deficit Procedure, for the application of Article 1 of Council Directive 89/130/EEC, Euratom on the harmonisation of the compilation of gross national product at market prices, Annex I

a security paying only one cash flow during its life. For the purpose of this document, zero coupon bonds include securities issued at a discount and securities which deliver a single coupon at maturity. A strip is a special type of zero coupon bond.
Guideline of the European Central Bank of 7 March 2002 amending Guideline ECB/2000/7 on monetary policy instruments and procedures of the Eurosystem (ECB/2002/2) (2002/553/EC)
obligation zéro-coupon
bezkupona obligācija
nulles kupona obligācija

Kolekcija: Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini

Nozares:  Ekonomika. Finanses, Ekonomika. Finanses

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