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Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini

Terminu kolekcijā apkopoti Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini.

Grupa: Valsts valodas centrs

Nozare: Ekonomika. Finanses

standard of living

Avots: Treaty Establishing the European Community, Article 2.

living standard

Konteksts: [..] Unemployment has fallen to levels which correspond to the Spanish average (around 12 %) and the gap in the living standard of the people between the Islands and Spain has almost been closed. [..]
Avots: Council Regulation (EC) No 704/2002 of 25 March 2002 temporarily suspending autonomous Common Customs Tariff duties on imports of certain industrial products and opening and providing for the administration of autonomous Community tariff quotas on imports of certain fishery products into the Canary Islands

quality of life

Konteksts: [..] Improvement of the quality of life can be achieved by more extensive rules [..]
Avots: Council Directive 78/176/EEC of 20 February 1978 on waste from the titanium dioxide industry

Amount of goods and services that a person can buy with the money that he earns, i.e. the real value of his income. This depends on the value of goods and services produced per head of the population and living standards can increase only if output and productivity rise.
conditions de vie
qualité de vie
niveau de vie
dzīves līmenis
dzīves kvalitāte

Avots: bg: 7

Kolekcija: Valsts valodas centra izstrādātie ekonomikas un finanšu termini

Nozares:  Ekonomika. Finanses, Ekonomika. Finanses

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